We specialize in, but are not limited to, kitchen and bath design and color selection. We also design closets, libraries, laundry rooms, offices and bedrooms. As part of each project we can select and provide:

Design Consultation

In addition, we are available for consultation on an hourly basis, charging $150 for the first hour, and $75/hour for additional hours in the same consultation.  One hour minimum.

We have built strong relationships with a large group of contractors, tradesmen and suppliers over the years–it’s part of what of what makes our projects so successful. While we can recommend contractors for a project, we are always happy to work with your favorite crews.

A Note About Bathroom Design

While a bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, the time, effort and cost of remodeling one may be more than what you would expect. In our experience, a bathroom demands every bit of detailed attention that a kitchen does, and sometimes more! Doing our job properly means working with you and providing oversight on the entire process from conception to completion: from meeting with you for product selection, ordering materials, checking over received materials to make sure they are free from visual damage or defects, to meeting with the contractor to ensure things are going as planned, and coordinating with various other subcontractors, such as countertop manufacturers and shower door installers.

All of these steps are essential, and take considerable time and effort. In order for us to work on a bathroom project with you, we ask for a $3,000 minimum design fee. This covers all meetings, product recommendations, tile design, and coordination with the contractors. Drawing fees are separate, and are billed at $50/hr. We also require that you purchase materials for the project from us, so we can have everything ready for the contractor, to keep your project moving as smoothly as possible. Our years of experience have shown that if we conduct a project in this manner, our clients experience less stress as we handle all of the steps described above, and the potential for mishaps are minimized. Our goal is to have your project move along as smoothly and efficiently as possible, with the end result to be everything and more than you imagined. So come on…let’s get started!

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