“Just wanted to tell you how much we are LOVING our new kitchen. We have had lots of family and friend company and gatherings since the beginning of July, and everyone just raves about our kitchen. They are very impressed with the cabinetry and all the particulars, and I always tell them about you, our designer, and how much you like Candlelight Cabinetry. Rick and I are so happy with all of our choices ~ the perfect size island, the Corian countertops, the sink and faucet and the hood. We love our new oak floors and the stainless appliances too! Even our “white” range looks just fine in its new home with the tiled wall above it. It is a pleasure cooking, serving, and cleaning up. I just had to tell you how incredibly pleased Rick and I are with our updated kitchen, especially me, who put so much time, research, energy, and lots of productive meetings with you, KZ design. THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN!!”

~ Robin & Rick

“We first hired Jen Wright to design a remodel of a downstairs storage room & part of our garage into a bedroom for one of our daughters, and also to design a remodel of the adjacent downstairs bathroom.  She did a fantastic job, creating designs that are both beautiful and highly functional.  She always listened to all of our ideas and concerns and came up with a plan that addressed all of them.  But her help didn’t stop with just the design.  She worked closely with our contractor to make sure that everything was executed properly, visiting the project on multiple occasions to check on progress and to oversee crucial installations such as countertops.  We were so happy with her that we next hired her to design a remodel of our kitchen.  We are very happy with the result, a beautiful kitchen that is so much more useful than it was before.”

~ Bert & Michelle

 “We love our new kitchen! KZ Design is exacting, creative, and fun, and was wonderful to work with. She listened to our ideas, used the ones she knew would work, explained why others wouldn’t, and made great suggestions along the way. We are extremely happy and grateful for how things turned out.”

~ Saoirse & Larry (see the project)

“When our daughter said that she knew our remodeled kitchen would be better than the old one but that she didn’t expect it to be as awesome, we knew we had pleased a tough critic! KZ Design helped us create a space that works as beautifully as it looks and easily accomodates all the cooks in the family at once. Did I say we love our kitchen?”

~ Cheryl & Bill (see the project)

Jen Wright has taken on for us a kitchen backsplash design and three bathrooms, each a separate project.  We looked for a designer before the first project; we didn’t need to look after that.  In each case, we’ve been very happy — with both the results and also with the process of working with Jen.  She is careful — she inspects materials for faults when they’re delivered, for example, and when items are not satisfactory, she’ll have them replaced without our having to intervene.  She is great to deal with personally — and she responds to our emails usually within minutes or hours.  She explains her suggestions well — and these explanations often include the mechanics of how things work as well as the aesthetic considerations. She charges reasonable fees — especially given the amount of time she spends on a project.  Part of that generous time she spends dealing directly with the contractors and, thankfully, she removes the need for us to pay attention to all the details.  For one complete bathroom redesign, we had to be abroad while the construction was ongoing.  In our absence she independently oversaw several contractors from teardown to finish work.  So while we haven’t settled on a next project, we know that Jen will be its designer.

~ Claire & David

 “Our new kitchen is a wonderful space that I enjoy, appreciate and am grateful for each and every day. I literally do not walk into that room without feeling thankful that we had the resources (both the money and the people–you and Ron) to make it happen for us. Our kitchen is a testament to how your surroundings can make a wonderful and positive difference in your life.”

~ Teresa & Harold (see the project)

“Everyone who sees our beautiful kitchen says that they love it, and much to our surprise, they can’t remember what our old kitchen looked like because the new design fits our home so perfectly. We think the new design fits perfectly,too, but we also appreciate how great KZ Design’s design for our new kitchen arrangement is for cooking, food prep, and entertaining. Thank you!”

“The bathroom is modest in size, compared to most of today’s master baths, but KZ’s design and clever use of glass, natural pebbles, tile and subtle colors make the bathroom seem larger than it is. The bathroom feels like an extension of the natural beauty that is just outside the window. We feel like we happened upon a lovely, private outdoor shower. Serenity, comfort, beauty and natural color and surfaces is what we wanted, and we got all of these with KZ’s design and guidance.”

~ Linda & Camila (see the projects)

For my recent kitchen re-design, I worked with Jen Wright of KZ Design, and am thrilled with the results!  Jen’s initial design was quite different from mine, and I really had to think about it, and experiment with the space.  I quickly came to see how thoroughly right it was, both aesthetically and functionally.  All the many large and small decisions to be made nearly daily could easily have led to overwhelm. Jen’s calm professional manner, vast knowledge of products and resources, generosity of time, accessibility, and impeccable aesthetic sense were there to assist me throughout.  I do not regret any of the choices I made with Jen’s help and support.  I have had nothing but high compliments from friends, as well.   “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!”

~ Bianca

 “We’ve now spent 2 nights in our fantastic new master suite. We are so glad to be moved in, and we are thrilled with the results. The bathroom is beautiful and functions well, and the closets are terrific and look handsome. Thank you both so much for your work on this project. It is great to work with professionals whose ideas we value and with whom we have a comfortable, trusting relationship.”

~ Richard & Evelyn (see the project)

“Jen and Karen designed a space that was both fresh and new, but consistent with the rest of the house that was built in the 1930’s. We loved the plan, and all the colors and finishes, and made very few changes in their original plans.”

~ Rosie & John (see the project)

“KZ Design was able to work within our constraints of retaining some of the features of the old bath while replacing the tub with a shower and making the room feel more spacious and colorful. Our choice of tile and her unique way of using it make the bath feel like a jewelbox!”

~ Kathy (see the project)

I want to thank KZ Design for all your guidance, knowledge, care and fun in designing the kitchen, laundry room and baths.  You made a usually tedious long process easy. The kitchen will always look like it does now because I don’t want to mess it up with something as silly as cooking; it’s a showpiece. “My” bathroom has now become “his” bathroom. Everything has been beautifully designed. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any of your clients. You are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with you again.

~ Genny (see the project)

I cannot imagine how I would have survived my recent remodel without the help of Jen Wright of KZ design.  From envisioning a more efficient and open space to picking just the right materials to bring my vision to life, Jen has been an integral part in our entire project.  As thrilled as I was with her design expertise and vision, it has been her ceaseless attention to detail throughout the execution of the remodel which has made a long and at times stressful process, absolutely manageable for me.  She has been the one to double check every detail, leaving me free to focus on the overall project and planning.  Jen Wright and KZ Design have been indispensable partners and I wouldn’t consider another project without them!

~ Laura

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